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Sales Tech Category Leaders Groove and Clari Form Strategic Partnership

Groove and Clari Partnership

Today at Dreamforce, Groove announced a strategic partnership with Clari, the leader in Revenue Collaboration & Governance (RevCG). By bringing together two sales tech leaders, we are helping joint customers run revenue with more precision, greater collaboration, and faster execution.

Clari’s unique combination of historical insight, real-time capabilities, and forward-looking projections gives all revenue-critical employees – from reps to execs – the ability to stop revenue leak and the confidence to achieve revenue precision. Groove’s sales productivity platform empowers every seller to reach their full potential by arming them with a suite of tools that improve sales execution and drive greater consistency, increasing quota attainment over time. 

With Clari as the system of collaboration and governance, and Groove as the system of action, revenue organizations can improve sales execution, drive greater consistency, and act on key insights to stop revenue leak.

“Clari has always been about providing companies with the collaboration and governance required to run revenue with maximum precision, and Groove completes the equation by enabling our joint customers to turn the insights we provide into action,” said Andy Byrne, Co-Founder and CEO of Clari. “We’ve seen incredibly strong results from joint customers using our two platforms together, and this formal partnership will help us transform even more revenue organizations.”

“Groove and Clari coming together is definitely a ‘1 + 1 = 3’ scenario for revenue leaders,” said Chris Rothstein, Co-Founder and CEO of Groove. “Bringing together Clari’s revenue collaboration and governance capabilities with Groove’s strength in sales execution and productivity provides the ultimate value proposition: See the future with Clari and then create that future with Groove.”

Benefits of  Groove + Clari

Companies that run revenue with Clari and Groove achieve benefits across the entire GTM function.

  • Sales reps can exceed quota and close more deals, faster
  • Sales ops can drive impactful enablement programs
  • High velocity sales teams can execute at record speed
  • Marketers can connect the dots between campaigns and closed deals

Get a Live Demo of Groove and Clari Together at Dreamforce

Attendees of Dreamforce 2022 can get live demos of both Clari and Groove at Clari’s Club Revenue. Don’t miss this unique opportunity to see both platforms in action.

Sign up today to get more information, schedule a demo, and RSVP for Clari’s Run Revenue Cocktail Reception, sponsored by Groove, on Tuesday, September 20, 2022 from 4pm – 7pm PT. Visit groove.co/ClubRevenue to register.

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