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Salesforce’s vertical strategy gains velocity

The Closer - Salesforce’s vertical strategy gains velocity


Salesforce’s vertical strategy gains velocity

When looking at sales charts, upward vertical lines are way better than horizontal ones. If Salesforce’s new Chief Product Office is any indication, the CRM juggernaut seems to think the same thing about vertical markets. David Schmaier has taken on this top product role barely a year after Salesforce acquired his vertical-minded company Vlocity. According to the newly abbreviated Insider, this move is a sign that Salesforce is doubling down on its new Industry Clouds. Salesforce is no doubt hoping that this focused go-to-market strategy will keep its growth trajectory lines vertical as well.

Remote working can lead to sticky situations

It’s been nearly a year since office workers around the globe were asked to abandon their desks for the confines of their home office/bedroom. There have been mental health studies about the impact of our continued isolation, but until now, no one had considered another grave yet also quite sweet consequence: bees. It turns out that when the workers are away, the bees will play. Inc. Magazine reports that Invoca recently found out that 20,000 honey bees had taken up residence in their Santa Barbara headquarters. Skilled technicians had to cut through walls to capture the queen and safely remove hives. On the plus side, the bees did leave them 10 pounds of honey. So that’s pretty sweet.


At your service

The Closer - 2021 Stevie Awards for Sales & Customer Service

If “oxymoron” is the only word that comes to mind when you see the phrase “B2B technology customer service,” that’s probably because you haven’t partnered with Groove. The winners of the 2021 Stevie Awards for Sales & Customer Service were just announced and even though it seems a bit selfish, Groove took home not one, but two awards for our customer service. We’ll never know if it was our 98% CSAT score or our sub-five-minute median first response time that had bigger sway with the judges, but we do know this: we love helping our customers get the most out of Groove every day. So, if you didn’t think it was possible to interact with a friendly, responsive, and competent customer service team in the world of B2B tech, we’d love to help convince you that it is.

Creating an efficient WealthEngine

If your suits tend to be Armani and your air travel non-commercial, WealthEngine probably knows about you. WealthEngine’s proprietary wealth intelligence services connect luxury brands, non-profits, and other discerning companies with helpful insights about the more well-heeled members of society. With such discerning clientele, it’s important to get the details right. So how did WealthEngine’s revenue team increase sales productivity by 60% and activity tracking by 50%? WealthEngine got into a relationship with Groove, as lovingly detailed in this customer success story.


Adding some spark into the zoom room

The Closer - Adding some spark into the zoom room

Over the past year, virtual selling has become de rigueur. (Also quite popular: sweatpants.) Whether or not you were inside or outside sales before the pandemic, all of us are now generating opportunities and closing deals from the other side of a computer screen. Along the way, you’ve picked up a few tips and tricks to help improve your game, but you also know there’s probably a lot more you could be doing to improve engagement and outcomes in an all-virtual, all-the-time, environment. LinkedIn thinks you’re right, and they’ve provided some helpful tips for making your next sales interaction more lively – and lucrative.

So what? Exactly.

“Sure, we’ve got a lot of short bets on GameStop. So, what?” If only someone had informed all of those poor hedge funds about the potential impact of holding so many shorted shares of this troubled company. While we can’t turn back time on that riveting drama, we can take away a key lesson – the importance of communicating impact during the sales process. Unless a prospect understands what could happen as a result of ignoring a problem your product solves, there is less urgency and motivation to continue the conversation. There are many ways you can effectively communicate impact in sales. The president of sales consultancy RAIN Group is a bit more specific. He thinks there are six.

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