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Seismic takes a lesson(ly)

The Close | Seismic takes a lesson(ly)

Seismic takes a lesson(ly)

There’s been a lot of buzz around the sales tech space, but is it really all that hot? Grab your oven mitts, because it shows no sign of cooling down. Case in point: sales enablement provider Seismic just announced its acquisition of sales readiness company Lessonly. Oh, and they also mentioned a new $170 million funding round, which brings their total venture capital haul to $440 million. Not too shabby. So what is Seismic planning to do with all that cash? And how does Lessonly fit into their long-term strategy? VentureBeat takes a look at Seismic’s meteoric rise and the driving factors behind their latest acquisition and funding news. If you read carefully, we’re sure there’s a lesson in there somewhere – especially for companies with similar aspirations.

Salesforce’s integration team has been Slacking

It seems like just yesterday that Salesforce shelled out $27.7 billion for Slack. And for anyone who thought Salesforce was getting a shellacking at that price, you may be interested in this latest bit of Salesforce Slack news. It’s only been a month since the deal officially closed, and they’ve already announced their first “Slack-First Sales” integrations. When it comes to developing integrations for their new purchase, no one could accuse Salesforce of slacking. Unless they mean, “Slacking.” They’ve been doing a lot of that. Not surprisingly, Salesforce Ben has the latest details on Salesforce’s new Slack integrations. Read first, Slack questions later.

Speaking of Salesforce

Remember in the last issue of The Closer, where we talked about Salesforce’s new streaming service? Good times. If you read that article and came away with, “what were they thinking?,” you’re in luck. Salesforce apparently anticipated questions about the strategy behind its new Salesforce+ streaming service and wrote an expansive blog post about it. Spoiler: Salesforce admits it’s not Netflix. They also know that like the “Tiger King,” it’s not for everyone. If you want to know who it’s for and why you should care, Salesforce lays it all out in an extensive Q & A. From what we can tell so far, Netflix has nothing to worry about. Salesforce is more “tiger team” than “Tiger King.”


3X 5000

The Closer | 2021 Inc. 5000 list

Every year, right about this time, something really exciting happens. No, we’re not talking about the evenings getting cooler or your kids finally heading back to school. Mid-August is when we all patiently await the results of the Inc. 5000 list of the fastest-growing private companies in the United States. Groove has earned a spot on the coveted list for the past two years, and we’re happy to report that we’re extending our streak for another year! With three-year revenue growth just shy of 400%, Groove is in the top 25% of all the winners. You can read about Groove’s Inc. 5000 three-peat on our blog. As for us, we’re busy earning our spot on next year’s list.


The Harvard of sales management books

The Closer | The Harvard of sales management books

Whether you’re a VP, manager, or front-line sales person working hard to become a manager or VP, fully understanding the business of selling in today’s complex environment is going to help you. However, when pursuing any kind of information, you always want to consider the source. That’s why we feel pretty good about recommending a new book from Frank Cespedes, an accomplished author and distinguished business school lecturer from Harvard Business School. There’s not enough space to detail all the reasons you should read, “Sales Management that Works: How to Sell in a World that Never Stops Changing,” but sales consultancy The Rain Group has you covered in this extensive author Q&A.

Snackable sales strategies

We get it. You’re busy. The fact that you’ve made it this far in the newsletter is impressive. However, we also know that you’re always interested in learning sales nuggets of wisdom to help you elevate your craft – but not the stale, pre-formed nuggets of dubious origin. You’re looking for quality, hand-breaded morels of wisdom from seasoned sales leaders. If we’ve described you to a “T,” we think you’ll be interested in these 14 sales strategies tips from an expert panel of Forbes Coaches Council members. Each expert was asked about their top sales tip, and the responses ranged from optimizing your sales process to conducting better sales calls. In a quick scroll, you can absorb helpful insights based on decades of experience. Dipping sauce not included.

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