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Stacking your deck in the Great Reshuffle

The Closer | Stacking your deck in the Great Reshuffle

Stacking your deck in the Great Reshuffle

The global pandemic has been great for popularizing new or previously obscure phrases like “flattening the curve,” “contact tracing,” and “the Great Resignation,” but now there’s another one to add to the list: “The Great Reshuffle.” People are changing jobs at a rapid rate, and it’s no more acute than in sales. How acute? Nearly 40% of sales professionals have switched jobs in the last three months alone. As a sales leader, you can bemoan the hand you’ve been dealt or figure out how to stack the cards in your favor. James Burnette, Senior Director of Global Sales at LinkedIn, has some sage advice for how to increase your odds of winning during the Great Reshuffle.

2022 is for the bold

As we come to the end of 2021, it’s only natural to reflect back on all that’s transpired over the past year. However, with the relentless uncertainty and turmoil we’ve all gone through, it’s much more exciting to think about what’s ahead! In fact, there are whole businesses devoted to that task. To that point, Forrester just published its “Predictions 2022: Disruptive Forces Necessitate Bold Decisions” guide, which details 12 trends that the research indicates will have the biggest impact in the coming year. From accessibility to AI, to anywhere work, Forrester makes some bold predictions that require bold action.



The Closer | Be BEASTThose not prepared for the rigors of the sales development profession may very well find the work to be, well, beastly. However, if you have the creativity, courage, and tenacity it takes to succeed, you can become the BEAST. Every year, the sales development research and advisory firm, Tenbound, hands out BEAST Awards for excellence in sales development. Groove’s very own Head of Sales Development, Patrick Jeter, just received one of these beauty BEASTs for “Best Sales Development Leader.” If you’re wondering if Patrick has any good advice for sales development leaders, he does. We know, because we asked him for a Q&A interview on our blog.

Sun, sea, sand, and Groove

San Diego is Goldilocks country: not too hot, not too cold. With an average year-round high temperature of 71 degrees, it’s not surprising that so many people are flocking to San Diego. This is particularly good news if you’re a fast-growing tech start-up like Groove, looking to hire top talent. Since hiring its first rep in San Diego in 2018, Groove now has nearly half of its workforce in the area – including its CEO. The San Diego Business Journal recently interviewed Groove CEO Chris Rothstein to understand why his company has been so successful growing its business in America’s Finest City. He’s definitely not lukewarm on the area.


Coachable moments

The Closer | Coachable momentsAny Given Sunday, Rudy, A League of Their Own. Hollywood loves making movies about coaches. These quasi-mythical creatures can turn a rag-tag bunch of misfits into winning all-stars. In case you didn’t notice, all of these films are about sports. Winning a championship game is great, but what about the sales leader who rallies his team to close out an epic Q4?! As a sales leader, you may not see your exploits memorialized on film, but how you coach your team is not just important to hitting your sales goals – it’s how you grow, motivate, and retain top talent. Looking to up your coaching game? Check out seven sales coaching best practices from sales consultant Amy Franko.

Calling all top performers

You’re at the top of your game. You consistently crush your number. You’ve been to President’s Club so many times, all the beaches you’ve spilled fruity drinks on have blurred together in your head. You’re obviously doing something right, and sales training company RAIN GROUP would like to know what it is. The RAIN Group Center for Sales Research just launched a short survey to determine the “Skills of Top-Performing Sellers and Sales Managers,” and now is your chance to give back and contribute. Think of it like getting to brag and adding to valuable research all at the same time.

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