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Super CRM

The Closer | How Sales Organizations and Frontline Sellers Can Turn their CRM into a Superpower

Super CRM

Closing deals faster than a speeding bullet. Leaping over objections in a single bound. As a salesperson, any of those superpowers would be pretty amazing. However, like earth’s sun gives Superman his powers, the oft-maligned CRM has the ability to transform reps into sales superheroes. Unfortunately, CRM has its own kind of Kryptonite: clunky UIs, extraneous fields, manual updates, and more. If you’re experiencing the limiting effect of these bonds, Gartner Senior Director Analyst, Dan Gottlieb, has some sage advice on how to turn your CRM into a superpower. Once you’ve unleashed the power of your CRM, you’ll see your revenue soar up, up, and away!

The great decline

No, we’re not talking about the end of civilization. That’s hopefully still a little ways off. But economic indicators are trending down, which is a concern for salespeople who like things headed up and to the right. As inflation and interest rates rise, we’re seeing a decline in all kinds of investments, including sales tech. That means less money to drive innovation. Before you get too upset, you may want to hear why Seth Marrs, Principal Analyst at Forrester, thinks it’s a good thing. According to Seth, a decline in sales tech innovation will cause vendors to shift their focus from product innovation to customer value. Check out the Forrester blog to learn the three ways that sales tech will deliver greater value for customers in today’s turbulent economy.

Revenue operations to the rescue

As a sales leader, all the talk of economic doom and gloom can either energize you or make you want to curl up into a ball, gently rocking back and forth. Hopefully, you find yourself in the first scenario. In either case, you should be focusing whatever energy you have left on one initiative: modernizing your revenue operations. If at this point, you are thinking: “you lured me out of my safe place for this?” or “what does revenue operations even mean?” Those are all valid questions, and Jennifer Stanley, a Partner in the Sales & Channel Practice at McKinsey & Company, has some good answers. Head over to SellingPower to learn how to create a revenue operations function that deftly supports all of your GTM teams in a unified manner.


The Closer | 2022 TrustRadius Best Software List

Best software

Deciding which sales tech to add to your tech stack is a hard decision. If only there was an objective way to identify the best software. Oh wait…there is! TrustRadius just came out with a brand new “Best Software List” to honor the products that are changing the market and delivering an exceptional user experience based on verified customer reviews. And guess what? Groove earned a top-ten spot on the 2022 “TrustRadius Best Software List” for all market sectors, including #7 on “Best Software for Enterprise.” The only sales engagement platform to make the list, Groove also ranked #9 on the overall list out of 150+ companies. What makes us best? Head on over to our blog to find out.



The Closer - Adapting Your Sales Approach in a Downturn

In a pickle

Scuba diving or bungee jumping may sound like a thrilling adventure to some, but these are no small feats to take on unprepared. You don’t want to be 60 feet underwater with no air left in your tank. And you definitely don’t want to be heading into an economic downtown with no plan in place for your sales org. It’s best to prepare before things take a turn for the worst. In sales, it means adapting your sales approach before the economy gets you stuck in a pickle. Not sure where to start? Scott Edinger, the founder of Edinger Consulting, outlines three strategies to help your sales organization succeed during the economic downturn. It’s never too late to prepare. When’s the last time you checked the oxygen tank on your sales org?

Buyers are people too

The discovery call is always scary. But, sometimes we forget that buyers are people too. That’s right, buyers have feelings, and those feelings are part of the decision of whether they choose your product or not. When you approach a discovery call with that in mind, it makes the whole experience a lot less intimidating and invites positive conversation. Another way to improve interaction with a buyer is by preparing deep and thoughtful discovery questions. The LinkedIn Sales Blog has interviewed countless sales pros and pulled together five strategies from top-performing sellers that lead to better discovery questions. From treating the buyer like a human to understanding the buyer’s purchasing infrastructure, these tips are sure to improve your next sales call.

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