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Tech-tonic shifts

The Closer | Two Seismic Shifts Disrupting B2B Sales And Marketing

Tech-tonic shifts

Is a two-year-old protein bar still good to eat? That’s a question you don’t want to be asking yourself while desperately rooting through neglected provisions in your earthquake emergency kit. Whether you’re living on a fault line or in B2B sales, preparation is key to managing risk. The good thing about B2B sales is that you typically have more advanced warnings about upcoming tremors. For example, Forrester research just called out two seismic events that have already begun to disrupt sales and marketing. The rise of B2B e-commerce and systematic selling is affecting how B2B buyers buy and sellers sell. Given their origin, you could even call them tech-tonic shifts.

Show me the money

In hindsight, Jerry Maquire should have known what truly motivated his clients. Experienced sales leaders have no delusion about why their reps show up for work every morning. Sure, sales reps are a competitive bunch who like to win, but glory is not enough – they also want to get paid. So how exactly is that working out for reps these days? Sales community Bravado just published its 2022 State of Sales Compensation Guide, which reveals key trends in sales compensation. It also takes a look at quota attainment and remote work trends. It doesn’t look at how many times buyers said “you had me at hello.”

The DL on DSX

What is DSX? If you guessed “diamond-studded xylophone” or “daylight savings extreme,” you’re nowhere near close, but your creativity is quite impressive. The answer we were looking for was “Digital Sales Experience,” and it’s a concept that revenue teams should be embracing with gusto. Not to be confused with the buying experience, DSX is all about making reps more productive and effective. Forrester Research Director Steve Silver feels very strongly about the topic and has outlined a set of guidelines that revenue leaders can follow to optimize the digital sales experience for their teams. The advice won’t restore the hour of sleep you lost on Sunday, but the increased productivity of reps will more than make up for that.


The Closer | Inc. 5000 Regionals Pacific list Making it to regionals

It doesn’t matter if you were a member of your high school glee club or college fencing team, making it to “regionals” was a big deal. At Groove, we’re also excited about regionals – the Inc. 5000 Regionals Pacific list to be exact. Every year, Inc. magazine augments its Inc. 5000 awards with a list of the fastest-growing companies broken down by region. This year, Inc. expanded its California Regionals list to include all Pacific states, and Groove is proud to have made another impressive showing in this broader competition. Learn why Inc. named Groove one of the fastest-growing companies on the West Coast (and Hawaii!) on our blog. We can’t wait for nationals! (aka 2022 Inc. 5000 list)


The Closer | The Revenue Operating SystemA whole new world

At first, there were 2D movies. A few decades later, movie attendants started handing out glasses with red and blue lenses to add a third dimension. We called that 3D. Then there was IMAX. Today, movie theaters are touting 4D – and so is sales. If you haven’t heard of it yet, 4D selling is the adoption of digital, data-driven, distributed, and dynamic (4D) selling networks, and it is revolutionizing the GTM approach in many organizations. With so many new channels and technologies to boost sales, it is getting harder to keep them organized and reap the benefits. Forbes’ latest article describes how to create a Revenue Operating System to make it all work. The end result will be way more exciting than watching Jurassic Park in 3D.

Top seller secrets revealed

LinkedIn – the ultimate social media network for business people. From networking to job boards to even providing you a space to share shameless self-promotions, it has everything you could want. Even better, the LinkedIn Sales Blog has everything a seller could want, like juicy sales secrets from top sales pros in a new series called “How I Sell.” Like all other socials, following influencers is part of the fun. The first to be featured is Marcus Chan, ex Fortune 500 sales leader and current owner of sales consultancy, Venli Consulting Group LLC. Check out question #6 to help you sell better and improve your life.

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