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Behold the future….of sales!


Behold the future….of sales!

No salesperson steps in the same deal with a company twice, for it’s not the same company and they’re not the same person. Apologies to Greek philosopher Heraclitus, but this butchered quote makes the point that B2B sales is constantly changing – and that change is being accelerated by the rise of digital transformation as a result of COVID-19. So what does the future of sales look like? Gartner has an idea and recommends four actions for aligning your efforts with what’s to come.

Backlit faces and 16 other virtual selling mistakes brought to light

The Closer | Backlit faces and 16 other virtual selling mistakes brought to light

B2B sellers who went to business school and those who did not have one thing in common: they didn’t learn how to sell in a global pandemic. The learning curve for virtual selling can be steep – especially for products that require longer sales cycles. Try as you might to adapt, you’re going to make mistakes. When you do make a mistake, it’s probably one of the 17 most common gaffs tallied up by sales consultancy the Rain Group.


We narrowed our COVID-19 tips for sales leaders down to five

The Closer - we narrowed down our COVID-19 tips for sales leaders down to five - Oct 16, 2020

Since March, there have been tons of articles offering tips on whether you need to wear pants during a zoom conference call and how virtual backgrounds can hide the fact that you’re taking the call from the only quiet room in your house – the bathroom. That’s why we decided to focus this ValueWalk byline article on just five high-impact tips that sales leaders can employ to better navigate COVID and make their remote sellers more productive and successful. You’re welcome – and also, you should always wear pants.

20 out of 20 top financial services organizations use Salesforce

We did the math, and 20 out of 20 is 100%. So how did Salesforce carve out its position as the #1 CRM for financial services? They employed a very smart strategy that involved being the most effective and flexible system for this unique industry. And Salesforce isn’t just a hit with senior management, its industry-specific approach is winning over CRM-averse front-line sellers and relationships managers. If you need a CRM, we highly recommend Salesforce for several important reasons that we’ve diligently documented on our blog.


Always be closing, and learning

Good sellers are often known for how hard they hustle, but all hustle with no intellectual muscle just gets you sweaty. Staying on top of industry trends and best practices is essential for keeping on top of your game and staying ahead of the curve. Sounds great, but where do you find helpful and insightful sources of sales content? I mean, in addition to The Closer? Crunchbase has put together a long list of recommendations for finding the best sales content.

Who doesn’t want to boost sales productivity and CRM adoption?

AA-ISP Virtual Workshop - how to boosst sales productivity and adoption for full-cycle sellers

Nobody. The answer is nobody. That’s probably because of stats like “sellers only spend a third of their time selling” and “half of CRM projects fail for lack of adoption.” The good news is that the AA-ISP has put together a free workshop on just that topic. If learning how to deliver true value and bring lone wolves back into the pack wasn’t enough, you’ll also be learning from the best – Groove VP of Sales Ben Budde. Who wouldn’t want that? Nobody.

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