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Marc goes Benioff on AI

The Closer | Salesforce CEO shares his predictions for AI

Marc goes Benioff on AI

How many times do we have to hear it? “AI is so great.” “It’s a game changer.” “It’s the most important technology of our lifetime.” Well, Marc Benioff, CEO of Salesforce, would likely say “hogwash” on that last point. According to Benioff. AI isn’t the most important technology of our life – it’s “probably the most important technology of any lifetime.” Yes. Marc Benioff is very bullish on AI. He also thinks we’re ready for what’s coming, as it will be a new way we all interface with computers, or as he puts it “we are going to work side by side with them.” For more of Benioff’s musing on AI, check out his latest interview in the Associated Press.

C-Suite on Salesforce and AI

Benioff has some pretty lofty expectations for AI, but what about other execs? And, more specifically, what impact do C-Suite execs think AI will have on how they use Salesforce? That would be really helpful to know, because many executives are trying to figure out not only how to leverage AI, but also how it’s changing the buying cycle. Salesforce must have heard us wondering, because a number of Salesforce executives discussed all of this and more on a recent panel. You could ask ChatGPT about it, but the panel happened after September 2021. The better move is to read the SalesforceBen article “What the C-Suite is Thinking About Salesforce + AI.” Afterward, you can tell ChatGPT all about it.

Go for the gold

This article is not about AI. Now that we have your attention, we have a question. “How is your digital transformation going?” All the talk about a certain new technology (that this article is not about) is likely causing revenue organizations to treat their digital transformation like a 100-meter dash. But that would be a mistake. It’s more like a 400m hurdle, complete with obstacles that require expert execution and stamina. If you want to go for the gold with your digital transformation so your sellers can generate more, well, gold, make sure you’re prepared to deal with the three major pitfalls of any digital transformation initiative. It’s all outlined in the latest post from Gartner Sr. Principal Analyst Alyssa Cruz. 


The Closer | 3 Ways to Boost Revenue Growth with an Integrated GTM Engine

In perfect alignment

Marketing and sales alignment has traditionally been a challenge for many organizations. Gartner research reveals that “a staggering 62% of sales and marketing organizations use different definitions for a qualified lead.” In today’s tough economic market, fostering collaboration within an organization should be a top priority to meet revenue goals and stay ahead of the competition. An integrated GTM engine can help you get there by aligning marketing and sales efforts. Read our latest article to learn the three impactful ways an integrated GTM engine boosts revenue growth when paired with a sales engagement platform.


The Closer | HBR - 3 Questions Sales Teams Should Ask


While feedback can be tough to receive, it is also vital to achieving success. Feedback provides valuable insights, helping individuals and organizations identify areas of improvement and build upon their strengths. Companies obviously know this to be true, which is why most have annual or biannual employee reviews. But, how often does your sales team review its loses or wins? Lisa Earle McLeod and Ian Gross at the Harvard Business Review think many sales teams are too quick to celebrate wins and don’t take adequate time to assess why they won the business in the first place. To help facilitate the discussion, they offer “three questions sales teams should ask after losing (or winning) a deal.” Rip off the bandaid and ask “why?” to truly uncover what works and what doesn’t.

Fun Friday

Alright that’s enough serious sales talk for the week. It’s Friday, you want to kick back and have a little fun – we hear you. So let’s unwind and talk The Office – but with a sales lens. In the hit television series, the Dunder Mifflin paper sellers are trying to boost sales in a shrinking market that is going digital. While some of the Dunder Mifflin employees are often lazy, bored, and unmotivated, Dwight Schrute, Assistant (to the) Regional Manager, is always hustling. Talk about having the grindset! If you are looking for some sales inspiration for the new month ahead, look no further than the OG quota crusher. The LinkedIn Sales Blog pulled together five awesome Dwight Schrute quotes about how to be a better seller. So sit back and enjoy some laughs this Friday.

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