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Interest in sales engagement is spreading like a virus


Interest in sales engagement is spreading like a virus

“We Are All Inside Sales Now” might not ever become a huge rallying cry within the B2B sales industry, but the grounding of outside sales reps is real. COVID-19 is forcing enterprise sales teams to adapt to selling complex products in a completely remote environment – and that’s good news for tech companies making the process more enjoyable, efficient, and transparent. Business Insider takes a look at the burgeoning sales engagement category and other sales technologies having their breakout moment.

We couldn’t agree more

Three of Forrester’s top B2B sales analysts got together to ruminate about the future of sales and walked away with five things they expect to happen in 2021. Of course, now that we’re three-quarters of the way through 2020, we all know that ANYTHING CAN HAPPEN. That being said, we checked out their predictions, and they seem pretty legit. Especially the first one – and not just because it could be an unofficial Groove tagline: “finally take sellers out of the data entry game.” Yes, please. More of that.


Financial institutions seek more than modest gains in CRM adoption

From Venmo to virtual banks, there is a ton of innovation happening in the financial services industry, but there is one area that many established organizations are struggling to modernize: sales. Yes, while you can now deposit a check with your phone, the sales rep at your bank is likely using a spreadsheet to call into his top accounts instead of the fancy CRM provided by his employer. Groove CEO Chris Rothstein explores the challenges to CRM adoption and what to do about it in this article written for Global Banking & Finance Review.

Groove - The Closer - Before you dial, make sure you know the three P’s - Nov 6 2020

Before you dial, make sure you know the three P’s

Making phone calls is hard. Just ask anyone in sales development…or a teenager. I’m not aware of any solution for helping teenagers make actual calls with their phone, but sales dialers can be extremely effective for SDRs and other sales professionals who spend a lot of time dialing numbers to make meaningful connections with prospects. The fact is that phone calls work, and sales dialers can help SDRs spend more time chatting with prospects and less time dialing and leaving voicemails. Before you invest or change up your calling strategy, check out this post on the three Ps: Power Dialers, Predictive Dialers, and Preview Dialers.


What’s the ideal sales tech stack? TOPO’s got your back.

Adtech, martech, salestech…what the heck? Sales is no stranger to using technology. I wouldn’t be surprised if the first fax ever sent out was by an ambitious salesperson promoting last-minute deals on luxury cruises. However, creating an optimal sales tech stack that supports the entire go-to-market strategy of a high-performing enterprise sales team is a little more complicated than punching in phone numbers and hitting “send.” If you’ve been wishing someone would break down the various components and how they work together, the intrepid sales analysts at TOPO research must have read your mind.

Groove - The Closer - The first rule of sales club is... - Nov 6 2020

The first rule of sales club is…

Good news. When it comes to joining a membership-based community for B2B revenue teams like Sales Assembly, you’re allowed to talk about it. Members actually encourage it. That’s because being able to share ideas with your peers and getting access to training, strategy development, and certification programs can help you advance your career and get better at closing deals. If you’re in any way associated with driving revenue at a B2B tech company, we recommend checking out Sales Assembly.

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