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Leads are nice. Buying groups are better.


Leads are nice. Buying groups are better.

SiriusDecisions has nothing against leads. Without leads there are no opportunities, and without opportunities, what is the point, really? That being said, SiriusDecisions makes a strong case for sales organizations to shift their focus from leads to buying groups. Leads still play a play in identifying opportunities, but buying groups will seal the deal. Want to learn more? There’s a SiriusDecisions Research Brief for that, and TechTarget is offering it up for free.

“More Zoom Meetings Please” – No One Ever

Remember when the pandemic hit and Zoom became the de facto way for all of us to stay connected? It was so fresh and exciting. In a couple of clicks, we could be transported to someone’s makeshift bedroom office. Fast-forward six months, and the novelty hasn’t just worn off, it’s ushered in a new phrase: “Zoom fatigue.” The WSJ explores this new disorder and what companies are doing to combat it.


It’s not all doom and gloom for SF startups

The Closer | It’s not all doom and gloom for SF startups

With coyotes brazenly window-shopping San Francisco’s many shuttered businesses and newly remote workers escaping sky-high rents, it’s clear that the city has not escaped the wrath of COVID-19. However, while many parts of SF’s economy are still struggling, the tech boom continues to reverberate for many of the area’s more innovative startups. SFWeekly takes a look at Snowflake, Groove, and other tech companies that continue to thrive.

May I have the envelope, please?

Digiday Technology Awards - Best Sales Automation Tool

We’re not sure what celebrities will be wearing to the unveiling of Digiday’s upcoming Technology Awards, but we do know one of the companies shortlisted for Best Sales Automation Platform. It’s a San Francisco-based startup with an award-winning sales engagement platform and hilarious newsletter. Groove. I’m talking about Groove. Find out why we were shortlisted.


Deconstructing successful sales enablement

Equipping salespeople with the tools they need to succeed on the front lines is paramount. Without a proper sales enablement strategy, your reps will get quickly picked off with every sloppy email intro, meandering call script, and outdated pitch deck they employ. Fortunately, there are many types of solutions to help turn reps into battle-tested warriors. Before you choose the right platform for your business, be sure to check out this sales enablement attack plan from Business 2 Community.

How well is your sales organization really doing?

The Closer | How well is your sales organization really doing?

Your numbers are up from last quarter. It’s time to celebrate! Wait. Not so fast. That may sound great, but evaluating your progress based on past performance only gives you part of the picture. Benchmarking your success against similar organizations can reveal areas that need some attention and help you aim a little higher. The AA-ISP has teamed up with Accenture for a webinar to help you benchmark your organization against their new State of Sales 2020 Research.

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