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Let’s talk $$$ like it’s 2021

Politics, religion, and money. These are all things that polite society says you should avoid talking about. However, if you’re in sales leadership, you’re running out of time to talk about 2021 sales compensation plans. COVID pretty much ensures it won’t be a copy/paste from last year. Fortunately, Gartner analyst Dave Egloff has spent a lot of time thinking about how 2021 compensation plans may need to change.

Sometimes overshare is good. 10K buyers reveal four sales skills that matter most.

Being the biggest professional social network has its advantages – like being able to poll more than 10,000 buyers on what matters most when it comes to engaging with sellers. B2B selling has gone virtual, and the survey data from LinkedIn’s “Global State of Sales Report” reveals that there are four sales strategies that you should now be relying on most. Check out Inc. Magazine for a quick summary, or dive into the full report.

Of course Tenbound sees ten trends in sales development in 2020

Does an organization named Tenbound just naturally see the world in metric-friendly round numbers? We’re not sure, but when it comes to the ten sales development trends they’re seeing in 2020, they seem pretty legit. If they did have nine trends and then made up an extra one to get to ten, I couldn’t tell you which one. If you think you could tell, that means that you care about sales development and should read this article.


Translating automation into $3M in pipeline

Lingotek case study with Groove

When you’re a privately owned Utah tech company serving a global market with your translation services, you need your revenue teams to be fluent in automation. Lingotek achieved this by implementing Groove’s sales engagement platform as the central pillar of its revenue operations strategy. Curious how they translated automation into more meetings, happier customers, and $3M in pipeline in 3 months? Read the case study.


Salesperson or Engineer? Yes.

In the world of B2B sales, technology vendors have their own way of doing things. SDR, BDR, AE, AD, SE, LMNOP. One of those abbreviations is made up, but the rest are all sales roles you will likely encounter when buying technology for your organization. One of the most misunderstood outside of tech sales is the sales engineer. What exactly does an SE do, and how do they add the most value in a sales cycle? Forbes lays it all out in more detail than you thought you needed.

Exposing the “SEPs are just for SDRs” myth

Beyond Sales Development Podcast with Kristin Hersant of Groove

Workflow automation only makes sense for SDRs. You should wait an hour after eating before going for a swim. These are both myths that can hold you back in your career and water sports. Learn how Groove is bringing automation to the field, providing relationship-based sellers with powerful tools for being more effective and productive. Futurist Justin Michael explores this topic in conversation with Groove’s VP of Marketing, Kristin Hersant, in the latest episode of Beyond Sales Development. Listen to the podcast on YouTube.

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