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Low regrets

The Closer | Focus on the Customer to Unlock the Potential of Account Planning

Low regrets

People exclaiming “no regrets!” as they stagger into a late-night tattoo parlor or before downing “just one more shot!” are probably being a bit optimistic. “Low regret” is often the best case outcome in these scenarios. In the high stakes work of B2B sales, “low regret” is also a state you want customers to be in when they buy your product or service. That’s because low or no regret customers buy more over time – which of course begs the question – “how do you create low regret customers?” According to Daniel Hawkyward, a Senior Principal in the Gartner Expert team for sales leaders, you need to learn how to unlock the potential of account planning for your sales team. The article is the opposite of buying a timeshare: no regrets.

Ketchup, mayo, and relish

Its fancy appearance and tang can totally transform an otherwise humdrum burger, but that secret sauce is really just ketchup and mayonnaise with a bit of relish. But what if the item on the menu is digital transformation for your entire organization? One would assume that the secret sauce to make such an immense project palatable is going to involve some advanced cooking techniques. But, not necessarily. Like a good burger, it starts with focusing on the ingredients. If you’re looking for the recipe, Forrester principal analyst Manuel Geitz offers three key ingredients that go into any successful digital transformation effort. Bon appetit!

Not 9 to 5

Life is pretty linear. Algebra is too. The B2B sales funnel used to be linear, too, but don’t get us started on that. However, not all things need to be linear. Take the 9 to 5 workday, for example. That’s the way white-collar work has always been done. There may be some comfort in the consistency, but the one-time-fits-all approach can actually be detrimental to productivity. A recent article in Fast Company explores the potential benefits of a nonlinear workday – including improved memory, focus, mood, and, yes, productivity. For remote workers and those evaluated by output vs. hours, a non-linear day could be just the thing to get their productivity in line.


The Closer | Trust Radius Most Loved Award

Hugs and kisses

In elementary school, getting the most candy on Valentine’s Day meant you were the most loved, coolest kid in the grade. In sales tech, getting the most loving reviews can also land you an award. Last week, TrustRadius celebrated the lover’s holiday by comparing reviews with mentions of “love,” and awarded the top 100 products with the “Most Loved Award.” Spoiler – Groove won the 2023 TrustRadius Most Loved Award! Groove is proud to inspire such enthusiasm and passion from our customers – and the feeling is mutual! One candy for you. Xoxo, Groove.


The Closer | Why Leading Your Sales Team With Core KPIs is So Important – And How to Do It WellWinning the Super Deal

If the Kansas City Chiefs were not focused on winning the Super Bowl from the first day of practice, they might not have even made it to the playoffs. As sales leaders, you should also be laser-focused on setting your team’s sales goals. Sanika Kulkarni, Regional Sales Manager of Enterprise Sales Solutions at LinkedIn says that “the best sales leaders are relentless about their goals.” From her years of expertise as a sales leader, Kulkarni shares her knowledge about why leading your sales team with core KPIs is important on the LinkedIn Sales Blog. It’s the game plan you need to win your next Super Deal.

Drowning in work?

Raise your hand if you’ve ever felt like you were drowning in work. If you did, keep reading. Nick Sonnenberg, author of Come Up for Air: How Teams Can Leverage Systems and Tools to Stop Drowning in Work, claims that we aren’t actually drowning and in need of a lifeboat. We are functioning in ineffective silos that are leading to wasted time and energy. If you want to learn three tips about how to identify and eliminate productivity blocks in your work and optimize your day, check out Sonnenberg’s article on Inc Magazine. It’s better to patch up the holes before the ship sinks.

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