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Sales tech’s annual review

The Closer | Forrester - What I Learned About Sales Technology In 2022

Sales tech’s annual review

As 2022 quickly comes to a close, you’re probably wondering what’s been going on with sales tech over the past year. Hahahahah…. Just kidding. We know you’re laser-focused on bringing in as many deals as possible to crush your quota. But you’re here now, taking a well-deserved and career-development-oriented break, so we might as well get you up to speed. And by “we,” we mean “point you to a respected analyst who has a lot to say about this.” Seth Marrs, Principal Analyst at Forrester, recently outlined the top trends in sales technology in 2022. From a focus on adoption over innovation and delivering value, Seth provides revenue leaders with “boots on the ground” insights. Or maybe sneakers for all of us in tech. In any case, his ideas definitely have traction.

Between a rock and a hard place

As a seller, it’s tough out there. Not getting-tickets-to-Taylor-Swift tough, but pretty darn tough. You’ve got buyers who don’t want to talk to sellers, stakeholders who are expanding by the minute, and overflowing inboxes that are muddling your prospect’s attention. What’s a seller to do? That’s a great question, and one that is best left to the experts. Shiela Rahimian, a Director Advisor in the Gartner for Sales Leaders practice, recently offered up “four ways to really boost engagement with buyers and drive a more effective process.” For all the Swifties out there, these tips will let you know “All Too Well” what to do when a prospect you’re working heads for their “Getaway Car” and tells you “We Are Never Getting Back Together.”


The Closer | G2 Winter 2023 Grid Reports

No luck involved

17; 10; 9; 5; 7; 5. Those are winning numbers. You may use them for your next Lotto picks, but they have nothing to do with games of chance. In fact, those numbers are very much the result of all the hard work that Groove has put into creating a sales engagement platform that our customers love. Without further ado, let’s run the numbers: G2’s 2023 Winter Grid Reports are out this week, and Groove has been the highest-rated enterprise sales engagement platform on G2 for 17 straight quarters. We are also a Leader in 10 categories, a Momentum Leader in 9, #1 in enterprise satisfaction in 5, overall satisfaction in 7, and earned the #1 Relationship Index in 5. Those numbers may not create any Powerball winners, but they’re worth millions to us. Note: Please share the jackpot if you win with these numbers.

Winner winner, chicken dinner

If there’s something we are really good at, it’s winning. If you have been paying attention, we win a lot (see G2 Winter Reports above). The reason we win is not only because we have a great product, but we also have an amazing team. We make investing in employee happiness a top priority, which is why we are able to attract and retain top talent to make a top product. This week, Groove won three 2022 Comparably Best Places to Work Awards for Best Company Culture, Best CEO, and Best Company for Women, coming in top-50 for each. Now, that is something to celebrate. Go check out our accomplishments over at our blog. There are five more Comparably awards saveEe for you there, chicken dinner not included.


The Closer | Salesforce State of Sales Report

Time sink

You’ve heard it before – sellers aren’t spending most of their time selling; they are spending it on tedious, non-revenue-generating, administrative tasks. That statistic used to point to sellers spending 34% of their week selling, but now it’s down to a meager 28%. With ever-present challenges like a pandemic, inflation, supply chain issues, burnout, and remote work, this news isn’t shocking. The new Salesforce State of Sales Report reveals that 72% of sales pros don’t even expect to hit their annual quota. But, lots of sales teams are still succeeding amid economic headwinds. Learn how sales teams are achieving success now with 10 new findings from the Salesforce report. There’s no time to waste if you want to get that quota attainment up to 100% in 2023.

Racing toward the finish line

Whether the closest you’ve ever gotten to NASCAR is watching Will Ferrell in Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby, or you’re a true fan, we have an infographic for you. RAIN Group recently released an infographic depicting the eight ways to maximize sales in 2023 – but with a fun race car twist. If a long State of Sales Report doesn’t capture the attention of your sales team, an infographic relating sales to race cars sure will. 2023 might be a challenging year for sellers, so give them the joy of improving their skills with pictures, and share this infographic with your team. With the right coaching, you can get them quoting these words from Ricky Bobby, “I’m the best there is. Plain and Simple.”

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G2 Winter 2023 Grid Report for Sales Engagement Software

G2 Sales Engagement Software Report

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