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The future of Groove, Clari(fied)

The (last) Closer from Groove

Every week, we’ve had the privilege of gracing your inbox with a spirited send-up of sales news, and today we get to share what we consider to be the biggest news yet.

On Monday, Clari announced that it is acquiring Groove, and the market reception has been so tremendous that we are dedicating this entire issue to the news.

This also means that this will be the last issue of The Closer in its current form. We want to thank you, our loyal readers, for an incredible journey and for helping us build an industry newsletter that is as informative as it is entertaining. It has been a joy to write every week. 

But fear not, reader… The Closer isn’t going anywhere. We’re going to take a break for a few weeks and relaunch this newsletter as part of Clari in September. If you would like to celebrate what you love about The Closer, we invite you to join the conversation on LinkedIn.

Stay Groovy,

 – The Closer Editorial Team

Clari is Acquiring Groove, a New Chapter Begins

Every time there’s an acquisition, the term “1+1=3” is bandied about. We know that, and we hate clichés, but, dang… it does really apply here. Learn why Groove’s co-founder and CEO, Chris Rothstein, believes this acquisition is a new starting line for the market in terms of category consolidation, product fit, and new, differentiated value. Unlike the hackneyed expression, the math on this acquisition really does add up.

Driving Revenue Collaboration & Governance Deeper into the Enterprise

Curious to pick the brain of Clari’s CEO, Andy Byrne, and learn why he decided to acquire Groove? You could track him down for a coffee or beer at Dreamforce, but you might have more success learning about our journey with Clari in his latest blog post. Fun fact: Nearly the exact same process occurred when Clari acquired Wingman. Their team started using it and loved it so much that they eventually acquired the company. 

Clari’s Acquisition of Groove is a Milestone for Revenue Tech

In real-estate, location is everything. But in M&A, market timing is the new location. Forrester Principal Analysts, Anthony McPartlin and Seth Marrs, call this acquisition “a milestone for revenue tech” as it marks a significant step in the consolidation of two hot markets. This acquisition meets the moment, aligning with market demands and alleviating challenges associated with fragmented tech stacks. They pen their detailed thoughts on category consolidation in this blog post.

Clari Acquires Groove to Build a Comprehensive Revenue Platform with AI

If you have been reading for a while, you know that AI in sales has been the talk of the town. Literally – we haven’t stopped talking about it (see past newsletters). This time, Gartner Senior Director Analyst, Dan Gottlieb tells VentureBeat how this acquisition will impact the market with new AI: “B2B sales tech buyers want to take advantage of AI for sales and simultaneously reduce complexity in their tech stack. Clari with Groove now has the pieces to deliver a complete revenue hub with interconnected workflows and deep data integrations.” Read the article to get the full scoop.

Consolidate, Simplify, Accelerate

Complicated tech stacks are a thing of the past, according to Michael Levy of GZ Consulting. If it sounds like a breath of fresh air to consolidate, simplify, and accelerate, you’re in luck. GZ Consulting breaks down why two elite market leaders joining forces is (ahem) a force to be reckoned with. Spoiler alert – platform consolidation will revolutionize sales and revenue technology forever.

The Future of Revenue at Dreamforce

Are we dreaming? Groove is getting acquired by Clari AND Dreamforce 2023 is coming up?!

We invite you to join us at Novela, one block away from Moscone Center, to get a first look at the future of revenue, along with live demos of our platform integration, inspiring panels, exclusive activations, interactive stations, and espresso. Lots and lots of espresso.

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