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The perfect fit


The perfect fit

Sometimes, no matter how hard you might try, things don’t always work out. Like when you try to force a square peg into a round hole, or when you try to sell to mid-market companies using enterprise or small-business sales models. The market is tough right now, and sales orgs need all the wins they can get. Mid-market companies often get forgotten, and the missed opportunity is huge. Harvard Business Review argues that B2B sales teams can’t afford to ignore midsized customers in today’s economic climate. This article will lead you through how to sell to mid-market companies so you don’t have to worry about forcing something that just doesn’t fit.

Obsess for success

Remember back in the day when you had that one teddy bear you were obsessed with? It’s time to revitalize that obsession. In sales, you need to obsess for success. By maintaining an unwavering obsession with the customer, businesses can build trust and stronger relationships. When you neglect your customer, you risk losing critical stakeholders of your business for good. Forbes explains how to build a customer-focused and obsessed sales team to improve customer satisfaction and boost revenue. Don’t neglect your customer like you did your teddy bear. Keep the obsession alive. 

Automation station

“What’s the dumbest thing you have to do every day?” is what a large financial services firm asked its employees to figure out where they needed to automate. Even with AI, employees are still spending 32% on non-value-added activities. But, this time-sink can be changed with the proper automation. The latest Slack State of Work Report discovered that employees using automation save about 3.6 hours a week, or 23 working days per year. Now, we wouldn’t mind a 23-day vacation, and we are sure you could use one yourself. Check out the Salesforce Blog to learn how your company can utilize automation to improve productivity. 



Striking gold 

Is there a rainbow in sight? Because we’ve struck gold! We’re proud to announce that Groove has won a 2023 Comparably Award for Best Leadership Teams. Groove made Comparably’s Top 100 list of highest-rated organizations, where companies were evaluated based on the quality of reviews about leadership, compensation, work-life balance, and more. This award is happily accompanied by Groove’s eight other Comparably Best Places to Work Awards given in 2022. Good leadership is to thank – no leprechauns needed to get this pot of gold.



Deal or no deal?

There are four briefcases in front of you. You just picked briefcase number two, and Howie Mandel asks the case holder to “please open the briefcase.” Congratulations! You’ve just won access to J.C. McKissen’s four expert tips that’ll make you a better sales negotiator. In this LinkedIn Sales Blog thought piece, you’ll find that improving your sales negotiation skills can become your greatest asset – landing you bigger deals more often. So, what do you say, deal or no deal?

Improving the odds

If you are heading to Vegas soon, we hope you’ve brushed up on your poker skills, because putting all of your life savings into a slot machine isn’t recommended. In fact, slot machines give you the worst chances of raking in the big bucks at a casino, with a one-in-5,000 to one-in-34-million odds of winning. But, succeeding in sales doesn’t have to be as unpredictable as winning at the slot machines. Turns out, most salespeople know that preparation is vital to winning deals, but the majority aren’t preparing the right way. To make sure you’re playing the game correctly, check out Jennifer Gluckow’s “ABC’s of Sales Preparedness”, which can help you make (instead of break) your sales game. May the slots be ever in your favor! 

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