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Triple checking your rev ops strategy

The Closer | Now Is The Time to Examine Your Revenue Operations Capabilities

Triple checking your rev ops strategy

The status of your garage door before leaving on vacation. An email from your CEO asking you to buy her gift cards. Your revenue operations strategy. These are all things you should triple-check. Is your RevOps strategy doing the best it can to unify and optimize data, process, technology, and talent?  Because, if not, your revenue potential could get ransacked like a garage left open overnight. Vicki Brown, VP and Principal Analyst at Forrester, recommends three checks to ensure you have a solid and effective revenue operations strategy. One of the key checks involves Forrester’s B2B Revenue Operations Maturity Assessment. It’s a little more involved than checking your garage door, but the ROI is well worth the effort.

Sales accelerators, assemble!

The latest Transformers movie may not have received critical acclaim, but that didn’t stop it from reaching a top box office spot. If you’re looking to maximize sales efficiency and revenue, you need to be the Optimus Prime of digital sales transformation. Whether you’re deep into your digital transformation or still have a ways to go, speed is of the essence. Gartner’s latest Sales Digital Transformation Acceleration Guide provides some assistance here, offering up four detailed steps to expedite the process. The fate of all humanity might not lie in the balance, but digital sales transformation will give you a platform for many successful sales sequels in the years ahead.

Progressive sales advice

In the popular and seemingly ubiquitous Progressive insurance ads, Flo is always eager to provide customers with helpful insurance advice, but not once does she provide any insights to sales managers. Before you take it out on Flo, you should know that the Harvard Business Review has taken steps to correct this by showcasing new research drawn from studying the performance of 538 agents at an unnamed regional insurance company. In analyzing the data, researchers from the University of Missouri found four ways sales managers can help boost their reps’ performance. We haven’t crunched the numbers, but the 8 minutes it takes to listen to this article could save you 8% or more in rep productivity.


The Closer | Leveraging AI to Build a Knowledge Graph

Unique differentiation

While people have similarities, our intrinsically unique differences should be celebrated and addressed. Tech buyers included. In today’s dynamic business environment, understanding your buyers and their unique behaviors, interests, and needs is vital for effective segmentation, prioritization, and personalization. One of the most powerful tools to facilitate this understanding is a knowledge graph. Sounds interesting, but don’t know where to start? Check out our blog post with LeadGenius, where we’ll walk you through the process of using AI to build a knowledge graph for more focused business operations.


The Closer | How To Make a Good Sales Pitch

Pitch perfect

In the movie Pitch Perfect, a ragtag group of women join their college a cappella group with their eyes set on winning the big competition. At first, the judges don’t notice them due to their outdated performance, but after tweaking their pitch and adding flares of personality – they make it to the top. In sales, you also need to perfect your unique voice if you want to craft an authentic and compelling sales pitch that resonates with the buyer. Interested in learning more? Check out Tiffani Bova’s “How To Make a Good Sales Pitch: 9 Tips” on the Salesforce Blog. With these great tips, you will be on your way to sales pitch perfect.

Changing times

There is no doubt in anyone’s mind today that sales has changed over the last few years. As a result, buying behavior has changed as well. If you haven’t adjusted your sales approach to accommodate new buyer behavior, you might be on track to fall behind. Luckily, the latest post on the LinkedIn Sales Blog digs into the four trends in buyer behavior changes and how to best respond. From taking on a buyer-centric approach to multithreading, this blog is jam-packed with ways to up your sales game and stay ahead of the competition.

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