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When you assume

The Closer | Your Assumptions for 2023 and Coping with Change

When you assume

You know what happens when you assume. Well, it turns out that this idiom may also apply to your assumptions about assuming. While your mom was right about assuming things about other people, other types of assumptions can be extremely valuable. In the world of economics, making assumptions can open up new ideas and ways of thinking. As we head into 2023, Andrew White, a distinguished VP analyst at Garner, makes a case for why leaders should lean into making economic assumptions to better weather a murky future. Whether you agree with his thoughts about productivity-enhancing growth or the impact of exorbitant privilege, it’s safe to assume that you’ll learn something new.

Salesforce on sales in 2023

If you’re wondering about the technologies and trends that will affect sales forces in 2023, executives at one aptly named company have a few ideas. You may not be surprised to learn that digital transformation and automation are expected to drive IT investments in the New Year, but how about “business intimacy” or “digital Darwinism?” Several key Salesforce executives recently weighed in on these concepts as well as the top disruptive technologies and five predictions for the future of sales and service on the Salesforce blog. As a bonus, you don’t need a degree in economics to understand any of these predictions.

Know before you SKO

A party with your recent ex in attendance, the 118th Congress, and a 2023 SKO. These are all things you don’t want to walk into unprepared. Hopefully, that last scenario is the most relevant for all of our readers. There is a lot of pressure on sales leaders to pull off an epic SKO, and all the economic uncertainty in 2023 makes this year’s job just a bit more daunting. With budgets being tightened, do you embrace virtual or hybrid? How do you address concerns about layoffs or reorganizations? Rick Bradberry, Principal Analyst at Forrester, offers up four fundamentals that the best CSOs get right when planning an SKO – because it’s always better to know before you SKO.


The Closer | Clari case study

Where the magic happens

You may recall that we recently partnered with Clari, the leader in Revenue Collaboration & Governance. By now, we are sure you are an expert on how your company can improve sales execution, drive greater consistency, and act on key insights to stop revenue leak with our partnership. But, we haven’t yet told you about the magic that was created when Clari started using Groove. Dive into the Clari case study to find out how Clari improved cross-team collaboration, eliminated sync errors, and boosted rep productivity with Groove. Spoiler alert – the results were magical.


The Closer | Considering a Mass Layoff?

‘Tis the season?

Winter marks the beginning of cuffing season, where cold weather brings new couples together looking for cuddles and romance. Last winter also ushered in the season of the “The Great Resignation,” where people uncoupled from their jobs. Fast forward to this winter, and layoff season is fast upon us, where companies are behind the uncoupling. Within the tech sector, reports of mass layoffs are coming at a relentless pace. But, are these mass layoffs even necessary? Dimi Yar, Founder and CEO of VOSA Income Inequality Solutions, asks those planning a mass layoff to consider four alternatives instead. It’s time to reclaim the winter season as a period of togetherness.

Honesty is dead

If we are being honest, “being honest” is out. We aren’t not kidding. Filler words and phrases complicate and cloud business situations that could be easier interpreted without the added fluff. Once or twice is okay, but Jeff Haden at Inc Magazine thinks that overusing filler phrases in the workplace can lead to irritation. You can think of it as a type of linguistic burnout. There is no reason to clarify your honesty to your workforce, with whom you should always be honest. Breaking business news with “To be honest,” can make your coworkers question your honesty in other situations. So let’s get to the point, because short and sweet is a workplace treat.

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