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The Sales Tech Mayhem After-Party

The Closer | Dan Gottlieb & Craig Rosenberg

The Sales Tech Mayhem After-Party

Everyone loves a good party, but it’s the after-party where things get really interesting. For fans of AppleTV+ series The Afterparty, we’re not talking about murder. Although, as we transition to the topic of Sales Tech, it’s fair to say that this category is really killing it. A year ago, Gartner began chronicling its rise in its “Sales Tech Mayhem” blog series. Since then, it has periodically checked in on myriad mergers and acquisitions, with the latest post dropping this week: “115 Reasons to Attend the Sales Tech Mayhem After-Party.” And yes, the sales tech party is still raging, even as Gartner analyst Dan Gottlieb puts it, “The DJ blasts the recession air horn.”

Working theories

Whether the topic is rap music, yoga pants, or Facebook, the young and old have rarely seen eye to eye. The same holds true for the topic of remote work. Even among older and younger executives, there is a generational divide when it comes to the future of work. For example, younger executives are most concerned about the potential inequities caused by remote work. Older executives worry most about coordinating hybrid schedules. Bloomberg digs into a new Future Forum survey that details the generationally divergent viewpoints on remote work and how business leaders can best respond. Fortunately, none of the recommendations require a consensus on the virtues of rap.

Reducing drag

The Toyota Prius is ugly. But here’s the thing: all that ugliness leads to crazy aerodynamics. By reducing drag, Toyota was able to generate record MPG and public ridicule, all at the same time. Sales reps aren’t cars, but sales leaders often focus too much on drive and not enough on drag. Drive is important, but most sellers already have that. According to a Gartner survey of 800 B2B sellers, what’s often holding reps back is drag. You can learn about the impact of drag on sellers and what to do about it in the latest post from Gartner analyst Colleen Giblin. Sellers with high drive and low drag have a mean quota attainment that is 1.7 times higher than high-drag sellers. There’s nothing ugly about that.


The Closer | Fortune 100 case study

Inbound magic

Having a fairy godmother comes in handy when you want a pumpkin to turn into a horse-drawn carriage or when you want to magically increase your MQL to SQO Conversion Rate by 2X. Although Groove’s Salesforce-native architecture does work like magic, you don’t need a spell to do the latter. All you need is Groove and a clever inbound strategy. Learn about how a Fortune 100 technology company overhauled its inbound process and increased meetings booked by 64% with the help of Groove and consulting partner RevShoppe in our new case study. No fairy godmothers required.


The Closer | five ways to develop future sales leaders

Calling all future leaders

Some people just have that spark. They have the “it factor” that everyone can feel. If you have a rep on your team that you envision becoming the next big sales leader, it’s time to get to work. A natural-born leader also has to be trained. But how do you train someone to become a sales leader rather than just a sales manager? The Sandler Blog offers up five ways to develop future sales leaders. Having the it factor is just one part of the puzzle, practice also makes perfect.

The more the merrier

When it comes to an overcrowded elevator or a painfully drawn-out sales pitch, less is definitely more. On the contrary, “the more the merrier,” reigns true for many other things in life, like researching a potential buyer. It’s essential to learn as much information as possible about a company before pitching to them, but there are only so many hours in a workday to get that done. So what’s the solution? LinkedIn compiled four tips from five great sellers on how to effectively research your prospective buyers to help sellers learn more in less time. From learning industry trends to finding common ground with key decision makers, this blog is sure to take your research from the lobby to the penthouse.

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