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If you’re keeping a list of all the things ruined by the pandemic, you can add two acronyms to it: WFH and OOO. With everyone Working From Home and Out Of the Office, workers have dropped these abbreviations like a bad commute. If you’re lamenting their loss, we have some bad news for you. After two years of working from home, most workers don’t want to go back. New return-to-work survey data from Pew Research Center finds the main reason people continue to work from home isn’t because of the pandemic – it’s because they want to. Early in the pandemic, the results were flipped. Today, however, remote workers are enjoying the many perks and benefits. How long will it last? TBH, the answer is TBD.

Coachable moments

Asking a prospect if she has a minute. Agreeing to an impossible timeline. Conducting a demo from the pool. These are all coachable moments. The question is whether you have an effective program in place to deliver the coaching required. Unfortunately, too many sales leaders and managers haven’t been taught how to coach effectively. We don’t know if there is a simple, two-point plan for designing an effective coaching program, but Forrester has identified three keys to effective sales coaching, and that’s pretty close. With some preparation and practice, you’ll soon find your sales calls going swimmingly – with no pool in sight.

Benioff begins

Every superhero has an origin story. Marc Benioff isn’t a superhero (at least not by Marvel or even DC standards), but he still managed to build one of the world’s most valuable companies. Benioff’s rise to fame didn’t involve a radioactive spider, but it did get help from another unlikely source: Guy Kawasaki. If you’re interested in learning how a teenage Benioff cold-called his way to an internship at Apple and how the experience shaped him, you can read about this and more on CNBC. Benioff may not be a superhero, but let’s not rule it out completely. Batman was also a wealthy do-gooder without any superpowers. Food for thought.


The Closer | SEP prepSEP prep

“Before anything else, preparation is the key to success.” We’re not sure if Alexander Graham Bell was talking about implementing a sales engagement platform, but it’s good advice all the same. It doesn’t matter whether you’re implementing a platform for the first time or replacing an existing one, preparation is key. While it’s true that a sales engagement platform can help you maximize the value of your CRM, don’t be tempted to rush through the implementation and roll out. If you’re wondering what factors you should consider when implementing a sales engagement platform, you’ll be happy to know that we prepared a blog post on just that topic.


The Closer | That moment when…That moment when…

In life there are a lot of important moments. Your first steps, your high school graduation, first day of college, marriage, children, the list goes on. But just like in life, sales has a lot of meaningful moments as well. Making your first cold call and closing your first deal might sound like the most important times in your sales career. However, there are so many more meaningful moments that occur beneath the surface. Hear 11 experts recount their most meaningful moments in sales on the LinkedIn Sales Blog. Some of them may even surprise you.

“Par-deaux” or “Par-dot”?

In the world of sales there are a lot of names and acronyms to learn when you are first starting out. And in the world of Salesforce, there are even more funky names to remember. From MuleSoft to Pardot to Datorama, Salesforce continues to surprise us with unique product names. If you have ever onboarded to a new product and thought to yourself, “huh…where on earth did this name come from?!” You are not alone. And today you are in luck, as SalesforceBen drafted up a Trailblazing Dictionary – if you will – to help you learn the origins of Salesforce’s unusual product names. It’s finally time to end the everlong marketing fude of how to pronounce Pardot. Hint – it’s dot.

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