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Clari Improves Collaboration, Eliminates Sync Errors, and Boosts Rep Productivity with Groove

Groove and Clari Case Study

Clari Improves Collaboration, Eliminates Sync Errors, and Boosts Rep Productivity with Groove

The Highlights

Clari, the leading Revenue Platform, was using a popular sales engagement platform, but they consistently struggled with operational challenges, which made cross-functional collaboration extremely challenging for Clari’s Account Executives and Revenue Development Representatives. Because their previous platform stored everything in a separate system outside of Salesforce, Clari had to deal with data discrepancies, duplicate accounts, and missing contacts in Salesforce on a daily basis. This data disconnect between their sales engagement platform’s “Shadow CRM” and Salesforce created significant analytics gaps that became a revenue blocker for the organization. Since switching to Groove, Clari has eliminated these issues and can finally trust their Salesforce data, which has not only unblocked cross-functional collaboration, but also increased seller productivity across teams as a result.

Big Wins

  • 100% activity capture to Salesforce
  • Seamless cross-team collaboration
  • No data latency or sync errors
  • Full-funnel forecasting
  • Increased productivity across GTM teams

The Full Story

At Clari, Account Executives and Revenue Development Reps work together closely to build a sophisticated and highly personalized engagement and prospecting strategy. There was no way a standardized, high-volume messaging approach would work with their target audience: CROs and other revenue leaders. Before Groove, collaborating on accounts was a complicated and inefficient process. The revenue team had to work between disconnected tools, including Google Docs and Quip, for account planning and ongoing strategic collaboration.

“With our RDRs and AEs all taking an individualized approach to account planning, there was a disconnect where one hand didn’t know what the other hand was doing,” said Kyle Coleman, SVP of Marketing at Clari. “We knew there had to be a better way, but we weren’t able to do it in our existing sales engagement platform.”

On the data side, Clari’s previous sales engagement platform did not have a native integration with Salesforce, which meant data was being duplicated and stored in a separate database. This “Shadow CRM” caused major operational issues for Clari, because the need to sync data between the two systems resulted in frequent data discrepancies and other sync-related errors.

Not all of the information was correctly syncing between the two systems, which sewed distrust between teams and created major operational headaches for the business. – Kyle Coleman, SVP Marketing at Clari

This data disconnect also created large analytics gaps. Clari’s revenue team could not connect the dots between activities, engagement, and revenue, which created a lack of accurate reporting and sales funnel insights.

Finding the Perfect Fit

After evaluating different sales engagement providers, Clari switched to Groove for its ease of use and Salesforce-native architecture. With Groove, Clari was able to maintain Salesforce as its single source of truth, which solved the “Shadow CRM” challenges they were facing. Groove eliminated the data discrepancies, which finally enabled reps to trust the data, and management to be confident in their revenue analytics. 

Another big advantage for Groove was its extensive revenue analytics and reporting, which worked seamlessly with Clari’s own revenue intelligence platform.

Other sales engagement platforms only surface email-level metrics like opens and replies but none of that really matters if we don’t know what is actually helping us achieve outcomes, opportunities, pipeline, and revenue. Groove makes that very easy. – Kyle Coleman, SVP Marketing at Clari

Big Results

Groove has enabled Clari to overcome its data quality and cross-team collaboration challenges. Using Groove, Clari now captures 100% of revenue activity to Salesforce across all channels: email, phone, meetings, direct mail, and more. The benefit goes well beyond being able to trust the data. Clari now feeds these activity signals into its own revenue intelligence solution for deal inspection.

Together, Groove and Clari give managers a 360 view of their deals. We feed many signals into Clari for deal inspection, and Groove is one of the main signals. Because our AEs and RDRs are all using Groove, we can now track our entire funnel in a uniform way, which enables us to identify risk and room for acceleration. – Alex Jagiello, Global Director of Revenue Development, Clari

Groove is providing a seamless revenue operations experience that fosters a rewarding partnership between AEs and RDRs. From within Groove, these teams have everything they need to collaborate and engage with prospects.

With Groove, our top of funnel operations are seamless, providing a platform that truly fosters partnership between RDR’s and AE’s. Account planning, firmographics, intent data and everything else needed to build and execute a meaningful engagement strategy is centralized in Groove and Salesforce as the system of record. – Kyle Coleman, SVP Marketing at Clari

Groove’s Salesforce-native architecture is also a huge benefit. Having one source of truth in Salesforce has eliminated data inconsistencies and sync errors. 

Groove is also boosting rep productivity by streamlining the sales process. Clari uses ZoomInfo and Lead IQ to source contacts, and now all of that data is automatically pulled into Groove so revenue teams don’t have to leave their workflows. 

Groove and Salesforce working seamlessly with LeadIQ creates more autonomy for the RDRs to do their job effectively, and it’s paying off.– Kyle Coleman, SVP Marketing at Clari

Capturing the results of their engagement efforts and tracking revenue insights within Groove has helped Clari accurately and reliably report on the entire funnel like never before.

Award-Winning Customer Support

Groove’s award-winning support team has also played a role in Clari’s success.

The level of support that we’ve gotten from Groove has been very impressive. Such a stark contrast to what we got with our previous provider. The Groove team is hyper-responsive and the response times are basically immediate.– Kyle Coleman, SVP Marketing at Clari

The results?

  • 100% activity capture to Salesforce
  • Seamless cross-team collaboration
  • No data latency or sync errors
  • Full funnel forecasting
  • Increased efficiency across GTM teams

About Clari

The Clari Revenue Platform is purpose-built to run revenue. Its unique combination of historical insight, real-time capabilities, and forward-looking projections gives all revenue-critical employees — from reps to execs — the ability to stop revenue leak, and the confidence to achieve revenue precision. Thousands of sales, marketing, and customer success teams at leading companies, including Okta, Adobe, Workday, Zoom, and Finastra, rely on Clari’s Revenue Platform to run revenue.

About Groove

Groove is a sales productivity platform that enables revenue leaders to boost revenue-per-rep across every division of the enterprise. Groove automates administrative tasks and makes Salesforce easy to access and update from everywhere a seller works – in the office, at home, or on the road. Whether it’s creating repeatable playbooks or using AI to synthesize complex data into actionable insights, Groove empowers sellers to operate at peak performance. More than 70,000 users at customers including Google, Uber, and Capital One leverage Groove to be more efficient and effective.

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