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Sales Engagement Platform

LinkedIn Sales Navigator Integration

As a LinkedIn Sales Navigator Application Platform (SNAP) partner, Groove has developed a deep integration that makes it easy for reps to leverage the power of LinkedIn within their daily workflows.

Groove LinkedIn Sales Navigator Integration

“Sales reps using LinkedIn Sales Navigator generate 15% more pipeline, have 17% higher win-rates, and 42% larger deal sizes.”

Sales Navigator ROI Data LinkedIn
Groove Flows and LInkedIn Integration

Groove Flows Integration

Get more prospects to respond by adding personalized Sales Navigator activities to Groove Flows

    • Add LinkedIn InMails and connection requests alongside emails, calls, and SMS in multi-step Flows
    • Allow reps to use proven templates for InMails to boost consistency and results
    • Access Sales Navigator information from the Groove Omnibar to personalize InMails and connection requests
    • Track engagement with LinkedIn actions as prospects move though Flow steps
Groove LinkedIn Sales Navigator Integration in sidebar

Groove Omnibar Integration

Conduct research, review activity, send InMails, and add leads to Flows from the Groove Omnibar

  • Bring LinkedIn Sales Navigator into your inbox, Salesforce, or Groove App with the Groove Omnibar
  • View, create, and respond to InMails and connection requests within your workflows
  • Conduct research on leads or accounts, including recommended leads, relevant connections, recent activity, and relevant news
  • Add leads to multi-step Flows featuring InMails and connection requests
  • Spend more time personalizing messages and less time switching between applications
  • Integration is automatic and immediately available to all licensed customers with no additional set-up required.

“Groove gives you a holistic view of your prospect, with LinkedIn, Salesforce notes, and Groove-specific information in an easy-to-access place.”

Maribeth Jones Digital Sales Representative

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