Groove Sales Engagement Platform

Groove was built from the ground-up to help revenue teams foster more productive and profitable relationships with prospects and customers. Everything about Groove is centered around improving efficiency, getting actionable insights, and driving revenue.

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The most comprehensive and flexible sales engagement platform in the market today, Groove can be configured to meet the needs of every organization, division, or team – from sales leaders, AEs, SDRs and sales opps to account management leaders and CSMs.

Email, Calendar & Activity Tracking
Email Integration

Key Features

Email Sync - Automatically log inbound and outbound emails to Salesforce. Easily control which emails are synced and which aren’t.

Calendar Sync - Automatically sync meetings from your calendar to Salesforce, including custom SFDC field values. Configure to only sync certain meeting types.

Advanced Activity Capture - Capture activities in real-time with custom meta-data and associate them with custom objects.

Multi-Channel Campaign Automation

Key Features

Automated Flows - Create multi-step, multi-channel campaigns that can be personalized using any field or attribute in Salesforce. Highly personalized touches can be executed same-day.

A/B Testing - Easily identify which Flows work best and which need fine-tuning. Users can see engagement metrics at both the account and individual level.

Speed to Lead - Automatically import new leads into a Flow and reduce speed-to-lead to seconds, significantly boosting your meeting rates.

Streamline Workflows and Prioritize Tasks

Key Features

Workflow Management - Assign Salesforce tasks to other team members and collaborate on account lists using real-time data from Salesforce.

Actions - Organize all of your workflows in one place where you can easily take action on all due steps for all active messaging Flows.

Spaces - Collaborate on account lists to generate more high-quality opportunities and close more deals.

Access Salesforce® and LinkedIn® from Your Inbox

Key Features

Omnibar in Gmail & Microsoft 365 - View, update, and create Salesforce records right from your inbox. Contact records automatically appear when drafting, selecting, or opening emails.

LinkedIn Integration - Access LinkedIn Sales Navigator and research account and contact details, mutual contacts, and related leads. Send InMail and connection requests directly from multi-step campaigns within Groove.

Manage Flows - Easily view, add, or remove contacts and leads from any active messaging Flows right from the Omnibar.

Omnibar in Groove Application - Access Salesforce data (contacts, accounts, activity history, etc.) while working in the Groove web application.

Auto-Dial and Log Calls to Salesforce
Call Analytics

Key Features

Click-to-Call - Start any call from Gmail, Outlook, Salesforce, or a Flow with Groove Dialer. Say “goodbye” to manual dialing and wrong numbers.

Local Presence Calling - Have all your calls come from numbers with area codes that your prospects will recognize and boost your connect rates by over 50%.

SMS - Send SMS messages from your computer and receive real-time notifications of incoming messages.

Auto-Logging - Automatically log call, transcripts and SMS messages to Salesforce, including call notes, outcomes, and next steps.

Voicemail Drop - Automatically drop pre-recorded messages into voicemail boxes and move onto the next call.

Book More Meetings with Online Scheduler

Key Features

Scheduler Links - Insert customizable Scheduler links while drafting emails in your inbox.

Round Robin Scheduling - Let contacts choose a time with any available member of your team.

Custom Fields - Easily configure Scheduler form fields to pull data from any custom Salesforce field.

Custom Branding - Personalize your Scheduler with your company’s logo and other branding elements.

Website Embed - Add Scheduler to your website so inbound leads and customers can easily book meetings with your team.

Real-Time, Accurate Revenue Intelligence
Performance Tracking Analytics

Key Features

Activity Log - Get real-time insights into activities as they are completed, including calls, emails, and tasks.

Template Performance - Understand how email templates and call scripts are performing and standardize on top performers to accelerate performance and onboarding.

Call and Email Stats - Identify which days of the week and times of the day give your team the highest connect rates.

Account-Based Engagement - See account-level engagement and drill down to individual response rate.

Groove Insights - Optimize and accelerate revenue performance with an advanced suite of pre-built Salesforce reports that augment Groove engagement data to provide critical insights into revenue operations.

Accurate Salesforce Reporting - Because Groove is native to Salesforce, there is no data latency and Salesforce reporting is always accurate.