Conversation Intelligence

Gain 100% Visibility into Sales Conversations

Give sellers, leaders, and operations the visibility they need to win more deals. Record, transcribe, and analyze every sales call – and automatically associate these insights with the correct Activities and Opportunities in Salesforce.

“Having Groove Conversations built into the platform is very attractive. That brings engagement and intelligence to where our reps are already working, which increases adoption and mitigates tool fatigue.”

Mitch Thomas Sales Enablement Manager
Groove Conversations - screenshot

Call Recording

Automatically record and associate external sales calls with the relevant records in Salesforce, providing a complete picture of activity

  • Search, review, and categorize keywords in real-time transcriptions
  • Capture key insights and analytics to help your team influence the conversation and drive better business outcomes
  • Make sales calls readily available for call coaching
Groove Conversations - review transcripts without leaving your workflow


Use call data and analysis to effectively coach your team and improve sales outcomes.

  • Share specific meetings internally for review and team coaching 
  • Identify improvement opportunities to focus on in 1:1s
  • Accelerate deal velocity with additional insight and visibility into opportunities
  • Uncover call strengths and weaknesses at the individual and team level with AI-driven insight

Call Transcription

Never miss an account detail or next step. Transcribe every call and surface recordings in the Groove Omnibar.

  • Search transcripts for keywords and jump to the exact timestamp in the recording
  • Conduct meetings with confidence by identifying and discussing objectives ahead of time

AI-Powered Insights

Know what’s happening in every meeting and easily identify coaching opportunities using Salesforce reports.

  • Automatically tie conversational insights to associated activities and opportunities for additional visibility into what’s driving deals
  • Capture custom and deal-related keyword analytics
  • Use conversational insights to assess rep effectiveness and identify coaching areas

Integrated Call Review Workflow

Access recordings, AI-driven insights, keywords, and transcripts from wherever you work: email, calendar, Salesforce, or the Groove app.

  • Surface relevant conversations in the Groove Omnibar and easily pull out key meeting insights
  • Multitask with picture-in-picture (PiP) viewing functionality
  • Attach recordings to associated Activities and Opportunities in Salesforce

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