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Trader Interactive Increases Revenue Team Productivity with Groove

Trader Interactive

Trader Interactive scales its customer support engagement, improves productivity by 15%, and increases opportunities by 20% with Groove

The Highlights

Trader Interactive provides marketing services and technology solutions to customers in the lifestyle vehicle and commercial equipment industries. Their customer support team had been bogged down with associating support requests with the appropriate cases in Salesforce, and they implemented Groove to streamline their work and spend more time helping customers. Groove’s Gmail integration with Salesforce was so successful for Trader Interactive’s support team that the sales team adopted it shortly after to power multi-step campaigns, email tracking, and much more. With Groove, they’ve been able to work more efficiently, provide better value to their customers, and accelerate sales productivity.

The Results

  • Nearly 15% of the workday saved on data entry
  • 20% increase in opportunities
  • More total revenue per quarter
  • Hundreds of support cases streamlined each day

About Trader Interactive

Trader Interactive is a leading marketplace and dealer services provider that connects buyers and sellers in the powersports, recreational vehicle, aircraft, commercial truck, and equipment industries through a family of marketplaces that reach 9 million unique monthly visitors. Based in Norfolk, VA, the company employs more than 400 employees and powers thousands of dealership websites.

The Full Story

Trader Interactive’s customer support team receives hundreds of support cases each day. Prior to Groove, the team was overwhelmed and spent far too much time making sure emails were assigned to the correct cases in Salesforce. They needed a solution that would integrate their email with Salesforce so their support team could focus on what matters most: making their customers happy. With Groove, they were able to easily sync incoming emails to the right open cases in Salesforce without ever leaving their Gmail.

They save hours per day previously spent trying to detangle some of the case dissociation that was going on. – Bridgett Cherry, CRM Manager at Trader Interactive

Expanding from Customer Support to Sales

Once the support team was sold on Groove, it was the sales team’s turn to try it out. They had been using another product, but the email integration feature was clunky and logging notes was difficult. Given the complexity and scale of sales ops at Trader Interactive, finding an intuitive platform that was simple to use and easy to train on was critical.

According to Bridgett, the reps absolutely loved Groove as soon as they tried it. She noted that their onboarding experience was exceptional: “A member of the Groove team took the reins and led a training, making sure every question was answered.” The training was so effective that the Trader Interactive team still uses the recording to train new hires.

My training experience was very smooth. And from an admin perspective, I didn’t have to do a lot, so that was nice. – Bridgett Cherry, CRM Manager at Trader Interactive

Trader Interactive initially needed a solution to integrate Gmail and Salesforce, but the team soon became hooked on Flow, Groove’s sales campaign automation capability that allows users to design their own multi-step communication flows. Bridgett noted that some of their top reps are exceptionally good at explaining their brand, so the ability to easily share Flows with newer team members has been a great way to get new reps up and running faster.

Salesforce Logging from Gmail Boosts Operational Efficiency

Beyond email and calendar integration and Flow, the sales team at Trader Interactive also benefits from Groove’s meeting scheduler, email templates, email tracking, and automated Dialer. Bridgett added that email tracking has been a huge timesaver, since reps are able to take action right when a prospect opens their email.

Groove Flow allowed our top sales exec to data mine for accounts and prospects to send out mass email in an efficient manner while simultaneously noting the correspondence in Salesforce. Flow has been an enormous time saver. -Bridgett Cherry, CRM Manager at Trader Interactive

Better Results with Less Effort Using Groove Dialer

The sales team has seen particular success with the local presence feature in Groove Dialer, which displays the same area code as the person you’re calling. Many of Trader Interactive’s customers are in smaller areas in the middle of the United States.

I had called the same prospect 44 times over a 3-year span only to be sent to his voicemail. On my next 3 calls using local presence, I spoke to him every time. – Kurt Kyder, Sales Consultant at Trader Interactive

Groove’s Dialer has been instrumental in increasing the success of Trader Interactive’s outbound outreach. As soon as their sales team started using the Dialer with the local presence feature enabled, they started getting more prospects on the phone right away.

In my first 3 months using the local presence feature, I contracted an additional $10,095 in revenue. – Kurt Kyder, Sales Consultant at Trader Interactive

The Results

  • Nearly 15% of the workday saved on data entry
  • 20% increase in opportunities
  • More total revenue per quarter
  • Hundreds of support cases streamlined each day

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