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Never Let Opportunity Slip Through the Cracks

With Groove Plays, sales leaders can prevent misses before they happen and help their sellers see blind spots before it’s too late.

“Having a solution like Groove Plays isn’t just a game-changer for frontline salespeople; it will also help sales leaders ensure consistency while giving them insight into what's working and what's not.”

Khris Fenton VP of Sales Development & Partnerships
Groove Plays - Define Your Custom Playbook

Define Your Custom Playbook

Every sales playbook is unique. Only Groove enables you to program your unique strategy into the sales engagement platform and know whether or not it is followed.

  • Always have your finger on the pulse of what your sellers are doing
  • Automatically remind reps of the next step to take to do at the precise moment of engagement

Assist and Align Sellers in Real-time

Align Groove’s recommendations with your unique sales strategy and playbook, enforcing, adapting, and refining over time.

  • Know whether or not your plays or strategies are effective
  • Help your reps execute consistently at each stage of a deal to prevent deals from slipping before it’s too late

Apply Insights to Learn, Evolve, and Win

Know whether or not your reps are consistently following your playbook and executing the right plays at the right time.

  • Understand whether or not various components of your playbook are working
  • Make better decisions using comprehensive data in Salesforce

“Groove gives me structure, organization and strategy. It allows me to think less and perform on a much more calculated basis.”

Dago P. Account Executive

Experience the power of connected sales execution