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Dial and Automatically Log Calls to Salesforce

Spend less time calling and more time talking with the fastest and most reliable sales dialer in the industry. Be more productive, optimize every call with performance data, and generate better outcomes.

Auto-Dial and Log Calls to Salesforce

"Dialing technology enables reps to dial an average of 48% more prospects daily."

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Groove OmniDialer

Reliable, Lightning-Fast Dialer

Groove reinvented the sales dialer with OmniDialer, a desktop app that is lightning-fast, reliable, and easy to use.

  • Bridge-calls in record time, without the frequent call drops experienced with extension dialers
  • See Salesforce history and relevant notes from previous interactions before you engage to personalize conversations and increase conversions
  • View valuable information for incoming calls with the industry’s most reliable reverse phone look-up capability made possible by Groove’s native Salesforce integration
Click-to-Call Sales Dialer

Click-to-Call from Any Webpage

Say “goodbye” to manual dialing and wrong numbers with Groove OmniDialer. Users can click-to-call any number from any page on the web, including data sources.

  • Start any call with one click from any webpage, including Salesforce, ZoomInfo, or company websites
  • Instant Dial and log calls directly from Salesforce List Views, Reports , Lead/Contact, and Account pages
  • Quickly move through call steps without clicking the call button every time
  • Record each call and be automatically notified if the number requires consent from the recipient
Local Presence Calling

Integrated Local Presence Calling

Boost your connect rates by over 50% by calling from a number that your customers and prospects will recognize.

  • Easily toggle Local Dialing on or off right from the dial screen
  • Enable recipients to call you back at the local number you originally called them on
  • Provision numbers directly through Groove; no third-party contracts required
SMS sales dialer

Easily Manage High-Volumes of SMS

Send SMS messages from your computer and receive real-time notifications of incoming messages.

  • Click phone numbers to send SMS and MMS messages from your inbox, Salesforce, or Groove app
  • Use SMS templates with merge fields to personalize your messages
  • Receive email notifications when prospects respond to your texts
  • View a list of all your SMS conversations and quickly respond or drill down into message details
Auto-Logging sales calls to Salesforce

Auto-Log Calls and Texts to Salesforce

Groove’s advanced activity capture ensures that all calls, notes, and SMS messages are logged to Salesforce without reps having to lift a finger.

  • All messages sent or received are automatically logged back to the Salesforce contact or lead associated with the number
  • Log all aspects of the message, including call notes, outcomes, and next steps
Voicemail Drop

Save Time with Voicemail Drop

Reps can save up to an hour every day by leaving pre-recorded voicemail messages instead of speaking every time.

  • Automatically drop pre-recorded messages into voicemail boxes and move onto the next call
  • Easily switch between multiple pre-recorded messages to customize the voicemail based on the recipient

“Being able to coach sales calls remotely with Groove Dialer is a huge win. We're also able to manage and help our reps prioritize their day by identifying high-value conversations.”

Reese Rogers CRM Analyst

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