Sales Productivity

Gain 1-2 more hours of productive, active selling per day per sales rep, and 25% more revenue with Groove's sales productivity features.

Sales Productivity
In sales, time is money.

Give your team tools that will streamline as much as possible so they can spend more time selling.

Email Tracking Screenshot
Email Tracking

See what happens after your reps click send. Email tracking tells you whether an email was opened, what time it was opened, and whether the recipient clicked on any links. Know what is working and adjust your approach accordingly.

Templates Screenshot

Reps can save your most commonly used emails and call scripts as templates in Groove. Then quickly access, customize, and send them off — and track their performance over time.

Reminders Screenshot

Help reps stay organized with Groove's reminders. Set a reminder to follow up — and automatically create a task in Salesforce — as you're sending an email or placing a call.

Email Scheduler Screenshot
Scheduled Send

Work with your prospects' schedules by scheduling emails to be sent at optimal times, regardless of when they are written.

Meeting Scheduler Screenshot
Meeting Scheduler

No more lengthy email exchanges trying to find a meeting time that works for everyone. Simply insert a link into your email, and your prospect will be able to view availability in real time and book a meeting. Customize for different meeting types and include colleagues' availability if necessary.